1980   Ubang-Ubeng (6') gamelan pelog

1981 The Olive Tree (6') gamelan slendro

1982   No Nem (8') gamelan pelog

1988   It's a Small World (9') gamelan pelog, soprano sax, bass guitar, Korg M1 synthesizer

Composed for a ITV drama adaptation of the "Small World" by David Lodge

1989   Pergola (5') gamelan pelog

1994   Mind the Gap! (7') gamelan slendro

1997   The Street of the Moon gamelan salunding

Music composed for a large-scale outdoor theatre production by the Dodgy Clutch Theatre Company as part of the Stockton-on-Tees International Riverside Festival. The gamelan group played on a floating 
structure in the form of a bowl of fruit on the river Tees.

1998   Kiva (9') gamelan salunding, bass, drums, electronics

1998   Floating World (8') gamelan salunding, electronics

1998   The Ladder (6') gamelan salunding, voice, electronics

2000   The Loop Orchestra (8 hours) gamelan salunding, bass, percussion, electronics

Commissioned by the IKON Gallery, Birmingham. A continuous live performance of 16 pieces of 30' is simultaneously broadcast to an upper gallery and transformed by a generative music engine "Koan".

2010 Timeless Interludes (20') gamelan salunding

2016 Petrichor (60') gamelan salunding

2018 La Grenouille Verte (10') Javanese slendro gamelan, 3 flutes

2019 Gending Sebanyak-banyaknya (6') Javanese slendro gamelan and electronic sound

2022 Coir (4') gamelan salunding

2023 Le Cochon aux Evantails (15') gamelan salunding and narrato