Duos - Viola and Piano

2014 Objets Révolutionnaires 4 - 6 (12’)

Continuing the projected series of 30 based on the French revolutionary calendar, a decimal system of dividing time, created and implemented during the French Revolution from 1793 to 1805 when it was abandoned. The months were divided into three “weeks” or “decades” of 10 days each, named after trees, flowers, fruits and flowers, but every 10th or “décadi” was named after an object or agricultural tool. The pieces are composed on the relevant day.

4 Charrue
5 Herse
6 Rouleau

2015 La chanson des pluviers (8’)

A liberal reworking of Chidori-No-Kyoku, a traditional Japanese composition by Yoshizawa Kengyo II (1808 – 1872) for shakuhachi and koto. The piece is arranged for violin and piano as well.

2019 Trois Tableaux de Marc Chagall (17’)

Composed for l’Institut des Arts du Masque in Limoux, Occitanie, for the opening of an exhibition about the meeting of Chagall and the writer Joseph Delteil in this region of France in 1927. Le Rêve was painted that year and l’Acrobat a few years later. The third piece is signed in the lower left corner “pour Nadia Boulanger” the great teacher of composition and dates from 1967.

  1. Le Rêve 
  2. L’Acrobat 
  3. Pour Nadia Boulanger

Score excerpt Pour Nadia Boulanger here