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Mark Lockett

Mark Lockett is a composer-performer, interdisciplinary artist and educator. His work has been concerned with the evolution of form and languages for improvisation, cross-cultural collaborations especially in gamelan and Indian music, sound installation and mixed media performance art. Recent compositions have explored ideas of time and place, the present moment and its resonances with the past. As a pianist he is known mainly for performances of contemporary music, English experimentalism, Erik Satie, Cage, Feldman and his own work.

From 1989-2002 he was a lecturer in composition and ethnomusicology at Birmingham City University (Birmingham Conservatoire), and led the first ever degree course in Indian music in the UK. Now a practicing artist and educator in France he is on the faculty of La Fabrique des Arts, the conservatoire and school of fine arts in Carcassonne, specialising in composition, contemporary piano, harmony, and world music with an emphasis on Javanese gamelan. He lives with artist and writer Kate Hardy and their son Ezra.

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